About Us: Investraders - Where Knowledge Ignites Profits

Embark on a Galactic Trading Odyssey with Investraders


Welcome to Investraders, a trading community where the path to success is paved with knowledge, and the stars of prosperity shine bright. Our community bears the banner of “Invest in Knowledge” and “Trade Profitably,” echoing the wisdom of the stars and the tenacity of traders seeking to master the markets.

Founded in the Cosmos of Knowledge:


In the late 2010s, Vincent Tegio ignited the spark of Investraders. Much like a visionary Jedi Master, his goal was clear—to equip aspiring traders with the tools, wisdom, and prowess of technical analysis.

Mentorship: Crafting Stellar Traders:


Our mentorship program is akin to training in the Jedi arts. Over two months, we take trading enthusiasts from novices to seasoned traders, much like young Padawans evolving into Jedi Knights. The force behind our program lies in technical analysis, the saber that slashes through the darkness of uncertainty.

A Nexus of Trading Wisdom:


Investraders transcends a mere community; it’s a gathering of galactic minds. With over 300 members, our constellation is vibrant and diverse. We share insights not only about trading, but also other avenues of prosperity like NFTs, Real Estate, E-commerce, and beyond. Just as the Jedi Council pooled their wisdom, we pool our knowledge for mutual growth.

Embrace the Stars of Trading:


Step into Investraders, where traders unite like stars in a constellation. As you journey with us, remember that knowledge is the light that guides us through the intricate pathways of financial markets. And as the Force accompanies the Jedi, the trading Force shall accompany you.

Join the Investraders community—your launchpad to trading mastery and financial prosperity. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced trader, together, we navigate the galaxies of opportunity. May your trades be profitable, your knowledge be boundless, and may the trading Force be with you, always.